Sunday, 26 July 2015


This week I have been working on my throttlebodies for the spare engine of my Bonneville bike.
Although my machine is a 600cc Yamaha Thundercat we use Kawasaki GPZ throttlebodies with RC fuel injectors.    The main task this week has been altering the throttlebodies to fit the injectors and I have had to spend hours on the milling machine to achieve the accuracy of fit required for the injectors.   The bodies were machined down 6.5mm each side to give more space for the air box and iced intercooler,   it's a constant battle trying to fit a quart of machinery  into a pint pot bike.
On my original throttlebodies for the race engine I made a totally new tick-over mechanism but after fabricating my iced intercooler, I realized I could just reach the original tick-over mechanism without too much difficulty.  

throttlebodies in progress

Sunday, 19 July 2015

chris's journey to bonneville in 2016

 . . . my name is Chris and I am part of the Lonan Gentlemens' Fellowship motocycle team.

In 2014 the Team went to Bonneville with two bikes to find that the salt flats were flooded and that the Speed Week event was cancelled.   Due to my reservations about going back too soon after the flooding issue I will be returning in 2016 with friends for another attempt.  Other team members are returning to compete in 2015 and I wish them the very best of luck !

It is a long journey spent mainly in the garage and workshop where many hours, weeks and months of preparation are required to make a machine fit for the purpose of a tangible World Record attempt.    Nothing can be left to chance in terms of performance opportunity, bike reliability and quality of components used.   It all adds up to the short few days spent on the salt flats in searing heat and humidity amongst the fantastic machines which arrive from all around the World.